Thanks to Velec, you can travel longer distances with less effort and while remaining sweat free. A great advantage when you have to get to work and back, or when you have to go on errands.

You will no longer have to dread steep hills!

Hills will no longer bother you as you ride your bicycle as the assistance of the electric wheel motor will allow you to easily get by all the slopes you’ll find along your way, without exertion.

Velec Freedom

Go further and higher, with less effort and more pleasure. The only electric bicycles designed to accommodate a second battery to double the range.

You are now free to be outdoors and riding a bike without any fear of headwinds or of becoming tired far from home or work. The Velec 6-Level Assistance System is the perfect solution that lets you adjust your speed to the physical condition you happen to be in as you ride.

Velec, The Electric Bicycle Reference

A Velec bicycle offers all advantages you expect to find in a quality bike and much more! It is an electrically assisted bicycle, equipped with a battery that recharges in a few hours using a regular electrical outlet. On a Velec, the choice is yours: you can pedal a quality multi-speed bicycle, you can get pedal assistance from the electric wheel motor or you can be propelled by that powerful motor, without any pedalling. No longer will you face problems like headwinds, steep hills and fatigue on your way back.

More than a bicycle, it’s a Velec… A non-polluting and quiet urban mode of transport; it’s a way of keeping fit on your own terms; a way of getting to work without tiring while staying sweat free; a true “hybrid bicycle”: a marriage of human power and technology.

7,5 Ah
270 Wh
10 Ah
360 Wh
13 Ah
468 Wh
17 Ah
612 Wh
10 Ah
480 Wh
14 Ah
672 Wh
17 Ah
816 Wh

The best lithium battery

Velec makes it a priority to purchase the best lithium batteries on the market from recognized suppliers such as Panasonic and Samsung.

Their many advantages include : A fast charging rate, less toxicity, more ecological, high charge-discharge cycles, higher range Wh, better safety and minimum maintenance. What does this mean for Velec owners? They will benefit from the best battery technology on the market, which significantly increases performance and range.

  • 24-month Warranty
  • Recharge can take between 3 and 8 hours depending on battery types and can be charge anytime since this is a non memory battery
  • 3 to 5 year useful life cycle.

A second battery may be added to Velec bicycles to allow going twice as far for double the pleasure. This Velec innovation is very much appreciated by the owners of Velec bicycles as they don’t get tired even during long rides.

State of the art 6-level assistance system

On a Velec, it’s your choice: You can pedal a quality multispeed bicycle, get an assist from the electric wheel motor or be propelled along without any pedalling.

Six assistance levels are available to better serve your requirements: 0%, 10%, 20%, 50%, 75% and 100%

The assistance system was designed to allow smooth starts, without jerkiness. A light touch on the Control Panel lets you choose your assistance level, providing as smooth a ride as you may desire.

This technological innovation makes riding an electric bicycle much more pleasant.

Ecological and money-saving

Did you know that 1000 kilometers in a car costs $84 worth of gas while this distance on a Velec costs only $1 for recharging? The chemical materials used to manufacture our batteries are less polluting than those used for other battery types. Furthermore, it’s a silent mode of transport.

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Whether you live in a hilly or very windy area, whether you like to pedal long distances, whether you’re short or tall and whether you’re a man or a woman, Velec has the wheel motor you need to go still farther, with more pleasure and less effort!

R48 Model

The 48V/500W Super High torque wheel-motor is the most performing as it is the most powerful. It is ideal for heavier users (up to 125 kg) and is designed to help them tackle steep hills and strong headwinds with less efforts.

FB48 Models

The 48V/500W High Torque wheel-motor, are available with FB48 model. Little less powerful then is big brother R48. It is perfect for users of average weight that ride long distances and face significant hills and headwinds with less efforts.

RX36 / A2 Models

The 36V or 48V/350W wheel-motor, are available with RX36/A2 models. Perfect for users of average weight that ride every day on bike trails. All those models are using the same type of motor but with different Voltage! (The performance will be increase with higher Voltage).


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