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Citi 500

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The Velec Citi is one of the most popular electric bikes in Canada. With a clean design, a built-in battery and a discreet in-wheel motor, it's the perfect lightweight city companion. The Citi 500 model is equipped with a 500 Watt motor and is available with either one or two batteries.

The Velec Citi 500 is equipped with a 500 Watt motor at the rear wheel. It can be equipped with one or two batteries depending on the autonomy needs. The main battery is integrated into the frame and is removable for easy recharging. The Velec Citi is a discreet electric bike, ideal for urban areas and sportier riding. It exists in step through as well as top bar models for easier boarding. The Velec Citi has 5 levels of electric assistance, cruise control and a thumb throttle for easier starting. It can also be used as a traditional bike (without assistance.) The bike is equipped with front and rear mudguards, front and rear LED headlights, rear rack, adjustable stem, console color digital display, puncture-proof tires and front and rear hydraulic disc brakes with motor cut-out.


  • No pedaling mode (throttle only) 25km
  • With electric assistance (level 2) 60km

 36V 10Ah + 7.5Ah (rear)

  • No pedaling mode (throttle only) 45km
  • With electric assistance (level 2) 110km

*Autonomy is based on different factors such as, but not exclusive to : rider's and luggage weight, wind conditions, type of terrain and tire air pressure.

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