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The Velec R48 was designed for long, comfortable rides. The power of its 48Volts 500Watts motor will accompany you to face headwinds and steep slopes.



  • No pedaling mode (throttle only) 40km
  • With electric assistance (level 2) 80km


  • No pedaling mode (throttle only) 50km
  • With electric assistance (level 2) 110km

 48V  10Ah + 7Ah (rear) 

  • No pedaling mode (throttle only) 65km
  • With electric assistance (level 2) 135km

 48V  14Ah + 7Ah (rear) 

  • No pedaling mode (throttle only) 80km
  • With electric assistance (level 2) 165km

*Autonomy is based on different factors such as, but not exclusive to : rider's and luggage weight, wind conditions, type of terrain and tire air pressure.

Spec R48
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